Maxgars B-Complex, 90 Capsules

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What is Maxgars Vitamin B Complex capsule?

Maxgars Vitamin B complex supplement is formulated with an increased quantity of each form of vitamin B. It ensures proper vitamin absorption levels in the body and is ideal for those who may have vitamin B deficiencies due to poor diet or illness. Manufactured at an FSSAI and ISO certified manufacturing plant, this vitamin B complex is a high-quality and efficacious product that tackles deficiency of vitamin B.

What do Maxgars Vitamin B Complex Capsules do?

All common food products such as meat varieties, legumes, dairy products, green leafy vegetables, and nuts are rich sources of all forms of vitamin B. However, busy lifestyle, time, and related expenditures stop us from following a vitamin-B rich diet plan. Improper intake of meals leads to vitamin B deficiencies. Maxgars vitamin B complex consists of eight forms of vitamin B. Each of these super B complex vitamins has its own function in the body. The Maxgars vitamin B complex has the following advantages:

  • Vitamin B1: It replenishes and generates new cells in the body. It also helps in boosting the immunity and improves the digestive system.
  • Vitamin B2: This form of vitamin B eliminates harmful substances present in the body. This vitamin increased the production of red blood cells, haemoglobin and reduces the risks of heart diseases.
  • Vitamin B3: It heightens the high-density lipoprotein proteins in the body and lowers the risk of heart diseases.
  • Vitamin B5: This vitamin B breaks down carbs and lipids into energy. It also aids in the production of testosterone making it beneficial for men.
  • Vitamin B6: It helps in the manufacturing of melatonin and serotonin hormones, which regulate the sleep cycles and stress levels of the body.
  • Vitamin B7: Known as Biotin, this vitamin is good for healthy and nourished skin, hair and nails. It also controls the glucose levels in the blood; therefore it is good for diabetes.
  • Vitamin B9: This powerful vitamin improves mental health and prevents forgetfulness. It also reduces the risk of birth defects in babies.
  • Vitamin B12: It manages and assists all other vitamins to effectively perform in the body.

The Maxgars Vitamin B Complex Capsules Comparison With Other Brands

In comparison to other brands offering vitamin B complex supplements, Maxgars vitamin B complex capsules are clinically approved and reviewed for safety. It contains all eight forms of vitamin B in purity and the right amount.

  • Gluten-free.
  • Vegetarian.
  • Free from additives and preservatives.
  • Formulate by pure encapsulations.


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