Sexual Health

Also known as reproductive health, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines sexual health as the state of mental, physical, and social well-being with respect to sexuality.

Maintaining sexual health demands a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships. The sexual experiences must be pleasurable as well as safe, free from compulsion, discrimination, and violence.

Sexual performance can get affected due to a person suffering from diseases as well as due to non-physical factors like anxiety and stress.

There has been a rise in the number of cases pertaining to erectile dysfunction(ED) worldwide, which is typically caused by stress and due to leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Why is Sexual Health necessary?

Like other bodily requirements, such as eating and sleeping, sexuality is also a bodily requirement that needs to be fulfilled for well-being. The deprivation or dissatisfaction of sex can yield a number of undesirable mental, social, and sometimes physical health conditions.

For every individual, it is very important to maintain sexual health. Other than being a means for reproduction, sex serves as a stress reliever as well as an important bond among couples involved romantically or married. Despite its stigma in some societies, sex is relevant and indispensable in all social groups.

What do I need for Sexual Health?

Sexual health can be maintained by exercising, eating right, and having regular sex. Just like maintaining general health is important, having the right level of sexual health is also crucial. There are certain foods that boost sexual health.

There might be certain sexual disorders that can be treated with the right medication, exercise and following a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It’s important to take care of your private parts as these are generally more delicate than other parts of the body.

Maintaining hygiene and adopting safe sex practices is also important to conserve sexual health. Also, sexual health might be a major health issue in people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Among such people, there might be a loss of motivation and lack of interest in satisfying their sexuality.

How our product helps?

Maxgar has a wide range of sexual health products that will help you cope up with sexual health related problems and issues. Every Maxgar sexual healthcare product is checked against stern safety and health standards.

Like other medications, sexual health products work best with an active lifestyle, having a good mix of ample exercise and balanced food. Different people have different sexual health requirements and as such, there is no universal way of achieving a satisfactory level of sexual health for every person.

Our products are formulated to deliver the best results without causing any kind of side-effects or toxicity. It is highly recommended to consult a physician when suffering from some sexual health issue.

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