Maxgars Activated Charcoal, 90 Capsules

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What is Maxgars Activated Charcoal Capsule?

Maxgars activated charcoal capsules effectively treat upset stomach, nausea, acid ingestion, colic, and more. These activated charcoal capsules are formulated from USP activated coconut shell and processed to meet purification standards essential for medical use. Capsules of activated charcoal from coconut are convenient for people who refuse to take the charcoal powder.

What do Maxgars Activated Charcoal Capsules do?

Activated charcoal from coconut binds to certain poisons and other toxins and flushes them from the body. It is good for acute and general detoxification of the body. Activate charcoal also provides anti-aging, gastronomy and cardiovascular benefits. Consuming activated charcoal in powder or liquid form is difficult for many. Maxgars activated charcoal supplement is available in a convenient and easy-to-swallow capsule form. There are USP Food Grade Activated Charcoal Capsules are a medicinal activated carbon from wildcrafted coconut shells and safe for internal use. It is used as an Ayurvedic & Apothecary mixture of nature’s goodness of Activated Charcoal for ensuring the health and wellness in the body. Here are the benefits of Maxgars activated charcoal capsules:

  • Regular use of Maxgars activated charcoal capsules removes unwanted toxins from unhealthy food and environmental pollution from the body. It leaves the body with a renewed and vibrant feel.
  • Activated charcoal enters the digestive tract and counteracts the food decomposition process by binding to byproducts and easing digestive issues.
  • It prevents the absorption of many inorganic chemicals, and pesticides before they harm the body. It’s used as an immediate anti-poison treatment or for the treatment of drug overdoses.
  • Activated charcoal possesses powerful anti-aging properties, and prevents numerous cellular changes associated with aging.
  • Activated charcoal may also lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • It absorbs plaque and other teeth-staining compounds and whitens them.

The Maxgars Activated Charcoal Capsules Comparison With Other Brands

Not all activated charcoal supplements available in the market are safe. Many of these supplements don’t even contain pure and the right amount of activated charcoal. Maxgars organic activated charcoal capsules are clinically approved for safe and effective internal use. These activated charcoal powder capsules are made from high-quality coconut shell by the steam process. Maxgars activates charcoal capsules contain highly absorbent and pure charcoal from coconut powder that traps, binds and expels harmful toxins in the digestive tract and improves overall health.

  • Formulated from USP Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Vegetable Cellulose Capsules.
  • No binders, fillers or additive.


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