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We all would have been acquainted with Green tea in some of our tea break chats, television commercials or simply over browsing the internet, yet its ironical, how oblivious we are about this boon of nature.

First things first…

What is GREEN TEA?

Technical name (camellia sinensis- i know it’s hard to spell so let it be.)

Known to be a healthy beverage, basically, it’s a tea plant or a shrub whose leaves or leaf buds (not withered or oxidized enough) hold abundant amounts of miraculous properties which may be instrumental in reducing /avoiding many ailments in our body.


(a) A Cup of tea or HOLY GRAIL??? Most of the essential compounds in the tea leaves sustain the complete process till the final drink is prepared thus, A single cup of Green tea or an equal dose of a Green Tea Extract Supplement is Brimming with antioxidants, minerals (Chromium, Manganese & Zinc),vitamins (A,B,C & D).

(b) Perk up Alertness Green tea contains a fair amount of caffeine to keep you alert and BOOST your Brain function. (I know it is amazing but the consumption should be limited in case you are pregnant!).

(c) Stay healthy with Green tea Naturally packed with Polyphenols (healthy compounds found in plants which are good for human body), including green tea or its supplements in your routine may avoid Progression of Diabetes, and the antioxidants which this most popular tea is rich in, help Restrain Cell Damage thus Avoiding the Growth of many types of Cancer/Tumours in the body and endow each intake with several other benefits.

(d) Healthy Liver good Metabolism the catechins (natural antioxidants) in green tea balances the level of liver enzymes thus improving metabolism and Fat Burning process thus enabling you to be FIT from FAT.


A 500 mg Capsule is enclosed with pure concentrate of Green Tea Extract, which means a single capsule would benefit you equivalent to a cup of green tea.

Health benefits of MAXGARS GREEN TEA EXTRACT Capsule.

Maxgars Green Tea Extract capsules rank high in the roll of Potent Health Supplements as it makes use of EGCG in green tea which is one of the most influential compounds containing powerful therapeutic properties to endow multiple Health Benefits (including all discussed above) and more including.

  • Improving Physical Stamina & providing Stable energy throughout the day.
  • Assist in WEIGHT LOSS by making your body burn more calories through thermogenesis (production of natural heat in human body)
  • Glowing Skin Green Tea extract may have a wiping out effect on acne .Regular consumption may stimulate the production of Collagen (thus taking up the role of skin care products also) providing you with Healthier looking Skin.
  • Amazing for hair Green Tea extract in Maxgars helps in controlling split ends,strengthens hair roots, softens and strengthens hair (follicle) thus promoting hair growth.


400-500mg of Green Tea Extract per day or consume 7 to10 cups of green tea everyday along with a healthy lifestyle and obviously some workout.


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