Independance Day Special

GoFree Infrared Thermometer

● Contact free measurements from safe distance
● No requirement to wake up the patient for temperature readings
● Temperature measurement in seconds
● Safe as it is MERCURY FREE
● Safe for all age groups
● High Temperature Alarm
● USFDA Approved
● Ergonomic design, easy to operate

Zinc Sulphate 20mg

● Supports & Boost Immune System
● Beneficial in Reducing the Duration & Severity of Viral Infections
● Helps to Prevent Age Related Muscular Degeneration
● Helps to Prevent Pneumonia
● Helps Protect from COVID19

Vitamin D3

● Helps Enhance Immune System
● Decreases the Risk of Acute Respiratory Infections.
● Helps Fight Depression
● Helps Reduce Over Weight
● Helps Prevent Bone Diseases such as Osteoporosis, Arthritis etc

Vitamin C

● Boosts Immunity
● Helps Manage High Blood Pressure Levels
● Improves Heart Health
● Prevent Iron Deficiency
● Reduces High Uric Acid Levels

Maxgars Raksha Kavach for COVID19

Prevents Infection from COVID19 by Boosting Body Immunity
Helps Maintain Overall health
Designed for All Age Groups