Maxgars Infrared Forehead Thermomter

Distance Can Save Life

Distancing is a public health care practice that encourages people to maintain physical distance from one another. Such practice during outbreak of a disease may slow the spread of infection. The purpose of social distancing is to reduce the spread of disease to reduce the impact on society and especially on the medical care system.

How Do I Practice Social Distancing?

Avoid handshakes, hugs etc.

Avoid crowded places

Avoid public lavatories, transport, restroom etc

No Risk Of Contamination – Touch Free

IR Thermometers are also known as “thermometer gun,” and the devices are equipped with an infrared sensor.

Such devices are designed to quickly measure surface temperature without making any physical contact with a person. In recent years, it has become an important tool for countries to contain viral outbreaks.

It was widely used to slow the spread of SARS in early 2000s and to curb the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. With the outbreak of COVID 19, IR thermometers stands as the first line of defence for hundreds and thousands of health care personals who work day and night around the world to save lives.

Infrared Forehead

Advantages of IR Thermometer

Measurements can be taken from a distance without any actual contact

Memory and advanced measurement functionality is available

Compact, lightweight, and easy to use

Can measure temperature in seconds

Designed for all ages

°C or °F convertible & forehead heat detection

Why Health Biotech IR Thermometer ?

  • Health Biotech IR Thermometer provides families & businesses the convenience, accuracy, and precision while measuring body temperature.
  • Health Biotech IR Thermometer incorporates some the most advanced technology in thermometry know today and designed for everyday use.
  • Health Biotech IR Thermometer allows instant temperature reading without any physical contact. This in turn acts as “no disturb device” and there is no requirement to ware up the patient.
  • You will never have to stick a painful and invasive thermometer.

Multiple Mode Switching

Multiple uses for one machine, Causing harms to the human body from low or high temperarures